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This section contains some of the "heavyweight" drum play alongs of JustAddDrums. Nine different styles of music and some great and challenging tunes are waiting for you! And to top that, you get to play along with some of todays greatest players such as percussionist Pete Lockett and Dave Matthew's Saxophonist Jeff Coffin!
Follow the footprints of the great Marco Minnemann, Derico Watson or Chester Thompson!

Charts + Minus Drum Version + Full Mix Version included in every song or song package!


10 advanced level song arrangements for $ 21.90 only $ 17.99!
Download the package today! Click here to view songlist.

"THAT TIME OF THE YEAR" (FUSION JAZZ) feat. Derico Watson (dr), Pete Lockett (perc): $ 2.49

"EUROPEAN SUMMER" (FUSION JAZZ) feat. Horacio El Negro (dr), Jeff Coffin (sax): $ 2.49

"GET READY" (BLUES, FUNK) feat. Oliver Keller (git): $ 1.99

"I'M BORN" (HEAVY METAL): $ 1.49

"GRAVITY" (HIP HOP, RAP): $ 1.99


"TURNAROUND" (JAZZROCK) feat. Marcus Finnie & Pete Lockett (dr, perc): $ 2.49

"DON'T STOP" (POP, R&B) feat. Oliver Keller (git): $ 1.49

"NO SNOW" (DRUM 'N' BASS): $ 1.99

"SUMMER SALSA" (LATIN, SALSA) feat. Christian Wegscheider (piano): $ 1.99

"HOLLYWOOD" (FUSION JAZZ) feat. M. Minnemann (dr), Jeff Coffin (sax): $ 2.49

"THE JACKET" (FUSION JAZZ) feat. Jeff Coffin (sax), Derico Watson (dr): $ 2.49

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